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Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Water Questions

My system has no hot water

Electrical: Check the fuse or circuit breaker on your switchboard, it could be caused if your fuse is blown which will need to be replaced correctly. If the circuit breaker has tripped, reset it. When these problems happen, it is recommended that a professional service it. Please call A&A Hot Water, Plumbing and Electrical Services to fix your hot water system.

Gas: Check to see if the pilot is still alight. If it is not alight most storage types of gas water heaters will have a step by step lighting instruction on the front cover. Follow these instructions carefully. If you are not comfortable or confident for the job, do not light it and call A&A Hot Water, Plumbing and Electrical Services.

Turn the water off at the hot water system, or the mains, immediately. A leak in your hot water system is no repairable and will require a hot water system replacement ASAP.

This is quite a common issue and in many cases, a simple replacement of your hot water tank’s thermostat will do the trick.

A great question, and one generally best asked over the phone with a hot water specialist that can ask questions to further understand how you and your family use hot water to recommend a suitable hot water tank.

Plumbing Questions

Are you a fully licensed plumbing company?

Yes, we have full licence and insurance. Our entire team receives regular, mandatory and self-development training not only within the company but also through our service and network partners.

We provide free quotes within our scope of services. After arriving at the site, we will diagnose the pipeline problem and provide solutions and repair prices.

Our plumber will use various tools to analyse the issue, including CCTV cameras, water jetters and  plumbing drain rods.

A&A Hot Water, Plumbing and Electrical Services has an emergency plumber on call 24 hours a day. Just call our 24 hour hotline 1300 846 976.

After arriving on site, we provide prices in advance and charge according to the pipeline project, not by the hour. Before we begin, we have provided and explained our prices in detail, so that you do not have any surprises.

Electrical Questions

Can I do the small electrical jobs in my house myself?

Definitely not. You need a qualified electrician to do any domestic wiring or house rewiring. Even if the work has been done to standard it will not pass certification which is bad news especially if you need to sell the property. It makes sense for safety to hire a qualified electrician to carry out all your household wiring. You also risk your personal safety and the safety of your family and friends.

If you are going to have some kind of electrical emergency, it’s always at the most inconvenient time, and when it does happen, your first call is to an electrician. You really want to get this right and you want to deal with the best electricians in Newcastle. Sometimes it’s not always possible or practical to ring around for quotes or to wait for people to get back to you. You need electricians in Newcastle who are available 24-7 You need to make sure your electrician is properly qualified and emergency electricians should be able to provide services including installations, repairs and fittings all within a set time frame. Electricians spend time training to ensure they are qualified and able to provide these types of services to you.

To make sure your home is completely prepared to avoid serious electrical hazards, we recommend you have a licensed electrician carry out an electrical safety check at least every 6 months, although this may vary depending on factors such as the age of your residence and your overall power consumption.

The first sign you should schedule an electrical safety check is if you can’t remember the last time you had one done. It’s better to be safe than sorry when considering something as dangerous as electricity in your home.

In addition, there are many other reasons why you’d need an electrical safety check:

  • If you’ve just had new large appliances installed
  • If you or someone in your home has encountered an electrical issue
  • If you power bill seems unusually high
  • If your home is older than 25 years
  • If you’re looking to buy or sell a home
  • If your home uses outdated wiring
  • If you’re upgrading an older electrical system
  • If you’re looking for ways to make your house more energy efficient
  • If you’re concerned with your home’s current electrical status

It’s good to have maintenance performed on your home’s electrical system once every year, as this ensures you’re made aware of any electrical issues well before they can turn into serious hazards.

Definitely all electrical work needs to be certified to uphold your insurance obligations. The electrical trade is one of the most dangerous of all trades. If you don’t wire your home correctly and properly protect your cables, you could cause a fire, electrical shock or fatality.


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