Is It Worth It to Replace an Electric Heater With a Gas One? | Water Heater Newcastle

Is It Worth It to Replace an Electric Heater With a Gas One? | Water Heater Newcastle

If you’re talking about common amenities you would find in the average home, these are meant to give the homeowner a sense of comfort and relaxation. Some of these include air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and gas among many others.

A quite common type of amenity is the water heater. These devices help make it much more convenient to get hot water whenever you need it. Instead of putting a kettle on the stove and waiting, you can get instant hot water if you have hot water systems installed in your home.

It doesn’t matter what the layout of your home looks like or your specific needs in terms of hot water. There are many different kinds of hot water systems and devices being distributed today. You are certain to find one that suits everything you’re looking for in a hot water system.

However, when you already have a working hot water system, is it a good idea to change it out if you would like to switch to another type? What if you own an electric water heater, and want to change it to a gas water heater?

In terms of it being possible, it’s not a question. That can definitely be done by any skillful hot water technician with an intimate knowledge of hot water systems. The real question is: Would it be worth it for you in the long run?

The Pros and Cons of Switching

Like we mentioned before, there are many different kinds of hot water systems that would be a better fit for your home than others. With any advice given about switching or not switching would completely depend on what you need from your hot water system. 

Generally, gas water heaters are known to do their job quite well, but can be a hassle to install if one does not know what they’re doing. Furthermore, since this would require new gas lines to be installed for the system, it could end up raising the amount you need to spend.

Even if there are a lot of things that might dissuade you from switching to a gas-powered heater, a gas heater would be much cheaper to run in terms of monthly utilities. Gas is much cheaper in the long run and you can save on utilities if you make the switch from electric to gas.

In summary, even if there are higher upfront costs to getting a gas water heater, you might find that there would be a decrease of overall spending for utilities in the long run, which can save you a lot of income.

However, every house is different and it’s a case-by-case basis when talking about which heater works best for a home. If you’re looking for the best way to make sure your switch is worth it, call A&A Hot Water.With 40 years of experience in the industry, A&A Hot Water has built a reputation of being one of the best and most reliable hot water services in and around the Newcastle area. They make sure to give their customers only the best quality heaters built for long term use. If you’re looking for a water heater, Newcastle-based company A&A Hot Water is on the job. Call now for 24-7 service.

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